Who We Are

When your child’s school term gets overly hectic; their workload starts piling up and you are starting to wonder if those “homework not done” comments on their school diary should’ve been taken more seriously? You’re probably right and soon before you know it, you’ll be in and out of teacher-parent meetings, discussing strategies on how to support your child outside of the school’s capacity. We know exactly how stressful that time can be, for you and your child, and that is why we are here to be your child’s coping mechanism, to help them get back up on their feet again.

We offer tutoring and homework services for your child, from grade 4 to 12. We believe that education is evolving and so is the child, that is why we pride ourselves in extensive involvement with your child and their view of the world. Our focus is identifying your child’s learning style and structuring our support within the space where their learning is maximized.

We have partnered with tutors who are equipped with experience in Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Sciences, English and South African languages. Our tutors are experts at homework assistance, test and examination preparation, studying and study skills, conversational language learning and much more. We ensure that your child’s academic marks and work ethic improve, that they established an academic routine and that they adopt an attitude of responsibility towards their academia.

Why choose us

Our tutors are guaranteed to be closest to you, that ensures timeous agreements to availability, flexible schedules and accessibility to assistance when needed. Our tutors come to your home and lessons can take place under your supervision and convenience. Through our services we strive to create experiences and moments where real learning can manifest and flourish.

Our Tutors

We pride ourselves on quality service, transparency and communication. Our tutors are friendly, experienced and helpful. In Further Education Training, we specialise in Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, English and South African languages, i.e. Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Sesotho etc and in Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phase we specialise in all school subjects.

Qoute of The Month

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer


How does it work?

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