Who We Are

We offer tutoring and homework services for your child, from grade 4 to 12. We believe that education is evolving and so is the child, that is why we pride ourselves in extensive involvement with your child and their view of the world. Our focus is identifying your child’s learning style and structuring our support within the space where their learning is maximised.

We have partnered with tutors who are equipped with experience in Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Sciences, English and South African languages…

Our Packages


-1 hour sessions-
  • 5 Lessons – 1 hour each.
  • The flexibility of spreading the lessons to suit you and your child`s needs.
  • Lessons may be structured over a period of 5 weeks.
  • You also get:
  • Homework assistance.
  • Test/examination preparation.
  • General subject assistance.


-1 hour sessions & 1 extra session-
  • 10 Lessons – 1 hour each.
  • The flexibility of an individualized structure of lessons.
  • 10 hours of assistance in the subject of your choice.
  • You get:
  • Extensive homework assistance.
  • Evaluation of learner progress.
  • General assistance or test/examination preparation.
  • The option of splitting the lessons evenly for two different subjects.


-2 hour sessions & 1 extra session-
  • 5 lessons – 2 hours each.
  • Designed for intensive intervention and
  • close monitoring of improvement
  • and learner progress.
  • What you get:
  • Extensive theme/topic focus.
  • Per Lesson Assessments.
  • Progress report(upon request).
  • Test/Examination assistance.

Group Sessions

  • This package is derived from the 5 (1-hour sessions) package.It consists of 5 lessons; the duration of each lesson is 1 hour.This package is designed for lessons consisting of a minimum of 2 learners and a maximum of 5 learners at once per lesson. This can be interpersonal learners with the objective of tackling a subject with peers.

  • What you get:

  • Homework assistance.

  • Test/Examination preparation.

  • General subject assistance.

  • Interpersonal lesson structure.

  • 20% discount on individual hourly rate.